Conscious Small Business Owners,
are you suffering from pain, stress,
& heading for burn-out?

Do you want to feel flowing, clear,
relaxed, and re-energized?  Energy
healing and massage can facilitate
your self-healing so you can feel balance,
vitality, and wellness in your body and in
your life.  This is for anyone who wants more
out of life, more wellness, more energy,
more happiness, more success.  Healing,
especially natural self-healing takes time.
It is safer, healthier, empowering,and it
lasts longer because you are invested in
improving your wellness and lifestyle on all levels.

Feel healing and pampering when you
book  full, private sessions with Bear.
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Bear is a masseur and shamanic healer.
He always does energy clearing and
energy healing with his massages.  Find out more
about him by clicking on the “Bear” tab.


Schedule your
Healing Massage Session
with Bear.